NEW: API PlaniTournament / PlaniLeague for your website

Updated 2018-04-30

NEW: League with tournaments in motion / demotion

Updated 2017-05-26

NEW: Download schedules from an Excel file

Updated 2017-04-14

New indicator for associated accounts

Updated 2017-03-10

NEW: School leagues with multiple tournaments

Updated 2016-11-22

NEW: Match assignment from the match creation Section

Updated 2016-10-28

NEW: Officials Assignment from Schedule

Updated 2016-10-18

NEW: Downloading all players from a league

Updated 2016-09-22

NEW: Sending automatic emails when canceling or remitting a match

Updated 2016-09-08

NEW: Manual unavailability of fields

Updated 2016-07-21

NEW DESIGN: Public secttion completely redesigned in adaptive web

Updated 2016-07-13

NEW for tornaments: Automatic assignment of matches to fields

Updated 2016-06-26

New score sheet for softball and baseball tournaments and leagues

Updated 2016-06-21

NEW: Wizard to create tournament and league

Updated 2016-06-06

NEW for leagues: Automatic assignment of matches to fields

Updated 2016-05-13

Adding images in the news

Updated 2016-04-22

New score sheet for basketball tournaments and leagues

Updated 2016-03-25

Add a manual suspension

Updated 2016-03-15

NEW: Create and assign matchs by week for leagues!

Updated 2016-03-09

A new score sheet for hockey teams

Updated 2016-01-19

The double-elimination tournament feature is now available

Updated 2016-01-11

Hockey: a sheet of attendance is now available

Updated 2015-12-15

Update in the game schedule section

Updated 2015-10-01

New feature: Locker-rooms attribution

Updated 2015-09-30

Update in the majors and minors faults system

Updated 2015-08-06

Visiting and receiving team modification

Updated 2015-06-25

Score sheets new feature: Overtime points

Updated 2015-06-10

Approval of teams

Updated 2015-06-03

Administrator section's functionality update: Audit actions

Updated 2015-05-28

Account of Team / Participant / Coach redesign

Updated 2015-05-25

Adding a game sheet for hockey tournaments in France

Updated 2015-05-20

Download players from an Excel file

Updated 2015-05-15

Print invoices for your tournament/league

Updated 2015-05-12

Download teams from an Excel file

Updated 2015-05-06

Teams list in PDF format

Updated 2015-05-01

Payment of teams / participants registration through paypal

Updated 2015-04-21

Cancellation of several game

Updated 2015-04-17

Official payroll

Updated 2015-04-16

Availibility of game sheets

Updated 2015-04-13

Automatic suspension and purge

Updated 2015-04-08

Adding a game sheet for soccer leagues

Updated 2015-04-01

List and validation of players

Updated 2015-03-19

Order of the players in the game sheet

Updated 2015-03-04

Game sheet for Ringette

Updated 2015-02-12

Changing a match

Updated 2015-01-27

View my invoices in my account

Updated 2015-01-20

Adding an export Excel team players

Updated 2015-01-14

Print all game sheets of a tournament / league

Updated 2014-12-22

Preview sending schedules

Updated 2014-11-26

End of the tie breaker in the standing

Updated 2014-11-07

Allow two final games

Updated 2014-11-04

Minimum and maximum number of players for each division

Updated 2014-10-29

Adding the shootout in the result section

Updated 2014-10-14

List of winners by division

Updated 2014-10-08

Selecting your game sheet

Updated 2014-10-03

Configuration checks and validations

Updated 2014-09-26

Results with approval

Updated 2014-09-10

Detailed display in fault management

Updated 2014-08-29

Display warnings when assigning games

Updated 2014-08-26

Management of clubs / cities participating

Updated 2014-08-15

Official change in the results entry

Updated 2014-08-11

Display of suspended players in the results entry

Updated 2014-08-06

Excel report of the game schedule

Updated 2014-07-30

Excel report of canceled and replaced games

Updated 2014-07-23

Automatically detecting existing passport

Updated 2014-07-11

Fault management

Updated 2014-07-07

Order in teams management section

Updated 2014-07-03

Official report

Updated 2014-06-23

Multiple scoreboards

Updated 2014-06-11

Display of ranking

Updated 2014-06-05

Adding a documents section for participants / coaches

Updated 2014-06-02

Adding a security

Updated 2014-05-27

Games canceled or rescheduled

Updated 2014-05-26

Adding filters in the mailing management

Updated 2014-05-22

Improved configuration in the Faults / Statistics section

Updated 2014-05-16

In assigning games, adding an indication Receiver / Visitor

Updated 2014-05-08

Adding filters in assigning games

Updated 2014-05-07

Download reservations

Updated 2014-05-06

Divisions to display in the public pages

Updated 2014-05-01

Inscription summary in management teams / participants section

Updated 2014-04-29

Export assigned games in Excel

Updated 2014-04-17

Automatic creation of games by group separately

Updated 2014-04-16

Improving the games assigning in full screen

Updated 2014-04-15

Adding to the account Coach / Participant

Updated 2014-04-09

Options on PDF printing

Updated 2014-03-26

Export statistics in Excel

Updated 2014-03-07

Consolation for different levels of playoffs

Updated 2014-03-03