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Clear and relevant information


Reduce the errors

The approbation system allows the managers to prevent any changes to be made on teams and players. This features result in a reducing number of mistakes committed.

Members actions

Keep a eye on your members

Stay connected whit your member whit our information panel. You will find the committed actions by all of your members classed by:

  • Member
  • The date
  • Action commit
  • Related team
  • Specifics games
  • The fields and officials
  • Print what you need

    Print has you need

    All our documents are available to print in portrait or landscape format, black and white/color format:.

  • All our specializes scoresheets classify by sports.
  • Empty scoresheet for you to complete.
  • Attendance sheet of every players by team.
  • Information

    See the public information about the tournament

  • Start and end date
  • Registration
  • Location
  • Manager & Contact
  • Divisions & fees
  • Articles
  • photos
  • At any time, your Twitter and Facebook contact links will be displayed in the banner of the tournament.


    Consult teams

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    • Gender

    Find out quickly what teams participate to the tournament


    See tournament schedule

  • Sort by divisions
  • Sort by fields
  • Filter by team for accuracy and to find the information you want.


    See tournament standings

    Standings of the teams are sorted by divisions

    See the playoffs outcome

    Filter by team for more precision and find the information you want!


    Check the stats of the tournament

    Teams statistics are sorted by divisions

    Filter by team for accuracy and to find the information you want!

    Whit only one click, our system let you export the players list into a Microsoft Excel file!


    View the tournament's fields

    Find out where each field of the tournament is located with the integrated Google Map.

    You can find details on each field, such as the type of lighting, location and surface

    Contact manager

    Contact the tournament manager

    • Your name
    • Your email
    • Your message
    • The security code

    Your message will be sent directly to the tournament manager


    See the photos of tournaments

    You can check all the photos of the tournaments on their public page