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General settings

Tournament's public page settings, Standing parameters, Divisions management, Start and end date, Registration settings

Personalize scoresheet

Filter your scoresheet

Order your scoresheet the way you want by choosing a filter between the following:

  • Last name
  • Name
  • Player's number
  • Identification number
  • Player's type
  • Display of ranking

    Choose what you want to be display

    Our public parameter section gives you the free will to display as you like. Take the control and configure if you want to display or not to display your results! You only have to choose which section to display

    Simple and secure

    Avoid the errors

    With a simple click, you can lock specifics sections of your tournament or league, preventing changes or alteration at your work. By doing so, the other member can still look at the league or tournament but cant applies any changes.

    Post your division

    Open your division to recruiting

    Set your division as public to become visible on the public page to attract new members, managers or fans! Get your division back to private and close the door to recruiting.

    General settings

    Configure the basic informations of your tournament

    In a single screen, modify your name, sport, location, means of contact, logo and even the order in which the game numbers will be created!

    Tournament's public page settings

    Display your public information

    1. Decide the tournament informations to display
    2. Select the contact information that will appear to the public
    3. Add your logo

    Display the customized informations of your tournament!

    Standing parameters

    Manage your standing priorities

    Using our " drag and drop " system, your settings will be ready within seconds!

    Define your score parameters: point for a victory, for a draw, defeat and more!

    Divisions management

    Manage your divisions

    Create your categories and classes easily! Then select the division you want to create and voila!

    Using our "drag and drop" system, in a few minutes you can order or re-order your categories and your classes!

    Start and end date

    Set your dates for each division

    For each division, you can decide to start later or end earlier the tournament.

    Everything is fast, easy and without mishap!

    Speed up the process by using our group function application!

    Registration settings

    Decide your registration settings

    Set fees for each division

    Configure the maximum number of teams for each division.

    Speed up the process by using our group function application!

    Age limits

    Set age limits by division

    Determine the minimum and maximum age allowed for each division.

    Speed up the process by using our group function application!


    Create articles

    Articles are visible in public part of the website, to inform the public about the tournament.

    Using our "drag and drop" system, you can easily change the order of your news feed.

    Add a file to your articles for more information!

    With one click, hide your articles to the public!

    Automated emails

    Change Automated Emails

    Write a custom message for each automated email.

    • Sending official schedule
    • Sending team schedule
    • Team approval confirmation
    • Team registration confirmation
    • Team registration confirmation in reserve


    Create users

    An Administrator has all the rights only on the tournament to which he belongs

    Three other roles are available

    1. Official assigner
    2. Tournament manager
    3. Enter results
    One or more roles may be applied to a user.

    Download a tournament / league

    Copy information

    It is very easy to copy information from one tournament / league to another, using only one specific feature.

    Choose the source tournament / league, check the information you want to copy, and confirm!