Many features are added regularly and are not up to date in the pages of features. To see the latest additions and changes, visit the News page.

Manage the tournaments

Printable invoices

Create your own invoices

With our invoice system, creating invoices never has been easier! Create bills for the administration or the municipality.

A professional service include in the subscription!

Clean and easy to read result

For a better visibility

Our result section show playoff winners listed by positions with elegance and clarity.

Choose your game sheet

Select the scoresheet that suits your needs

Planitournoi offer you a selection of scoresheets available for you to choose from. Now It’s up to you to find the one that best suit your needs.

Management of the faults

Keep track of your players faults

The management fault section allows you to count the majors and minors faults committed by all players. And most of all lets you place a suspension or remove a suspension over a specific player.

Teams replacement

Swap teams quickly

You've made a mistake? A team withdraws?

Do not panic! With a few clicks you will be able to replace it with another team!

Our intelligent system will give you the choice of all the teams in this division that are in reserve.

Enter results

Enter games scores

With a single click, quickly enter the results for the teams in a particular game.


View the standing by division

  • Consult standing
  • Consult results through schedules
  • Consult statistics
  • Manual assignation of position if necessary

Assign playoffs

Visually assign your playoffs

With the help of out "drag and drop" system, quickly determine what standing position will be assigned.

Save time by letting our random assignment do the work for you job!

Games details

Manage the details of games quickly

  • Basic information
  • Observation of the officials
  • Players statistics
  • Staff statistics
  • Observation
  • Protest


Create worksheets

  • Print it
  • Fill out the information on paper

In a few clicks your worksheets will be printed and ready to use

Display board

Create a bulletin board

In a few moments you will have a dynamic display board for your tournament!

  • Choose the information to display!
  • Choose the display time
  • Click and / or share the link

Printable schedules

Create printable schedules

  1. Choose the date
  2. Choose the division
  3. Choose the display of the teams
  4. Set how the information will be displayed: by category, division, location and field

Print all or only one of the schedules!

blanck sheet of your games

Create blank result sheet for your games

  • Select the number of games by page
  • Select games type to show
  • Select if you want to show games in double

Tournament photos

Add photos of your tournament

You can add photos of your tournament and add a small description. Those photos can be seen on the public pages of your different tournaments.

You can add photos as many approved teams you have. For more photos, a little credit will be charged by photo.