Official change in the results entry

Updated 2014-08-11

Display of suspended players in the results entry

Updated 2014-08-06

Excel report of the game schedule

Updated 2014-07-30

Excel report of canceled and replaced games

Updated 2014-07-23

Automatically detecting existing passport

Updated 2014-07-11

Fault management

Updated 2014-07-07

Order in teams management section

Updated 2014-07-03

Official report

Updated 2014-06-23

Multiple scoreboards

Updated 2014-06-11

Display of ranking

Updated 2014-06-05

Adding a documents section for participants / coaches

Updated 2014-06-02

Adding a security

Updated 2014-05-27

Games canceled or rescheduled

Updated 2014-05-26

Adding filters in the mailing management

Updated 2014-05-22

Improved configuration in the Faults / Statistics section

Updated 2014-05-16

In assigning games, adding an indication Receiver / Visitor

Updated 2014-05-08

Adding filters in assigning games

Updated 2014-05-07

Download reservations

Updated 2014-05-06

Divisions to display in the public pages

Updated 2014-05-01

Inscription summary in management teams / participants section

Updated 2014-04-29